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Shaft is 40

Shut Your Mouth!A?“Shaft” is 40? Shaft celebrated with Detroit-born Patricia Lewis, the founding member ofA?Hot, Buttered Soul, the great back-up group for the late R&B legend, Isaac Hayes. OhioFUNK friends […]

The Forgotten Five vs. The Famous Five

The Forgotten Five ( Stairsteps) vs. The Famous Five ( Jacksons): Did Joe Jackson and Berry GordyA?”BigDOG” Clarence Burke, Sr. and Curtis Mayfield?” By Jack Marchbanks Copyright 2009 Given the […]

Willa Ward Remembers

Enteje co-founder and contributor, Jack Marchbanks, interviewed gospel legend Willa Ward-Royster during Black History Month 2008. Willa Ward Remembers The Ward Singers Willa is the older sister of famous gospel […]